Radio host protects Tom Daley


Radio host Iain Dale has confronted the Christian campaigner who suggested that Tom Daley lost out on an Olympic medal because he “turned gay”. Iain Dale invited Stephen Green of Christian Voice onto the show to speak out about the homophobic comments.

Green told the host: “He’s held up as such a gay icon, the gays really feel I’ve attacked one of their own. By walking away from the gay network, by renewing his mind, Tom Daley would do better. That’s just my belief. I really wish Daley would shut up about starting a family with his fiance. Two men can’t have a baby. Someone should tell him quietly that a woman has to get involved.” But Dale fired back: “Who are you to judge? What’s it got to do with you? You call yourselves Christian Voice, but you haven’t sounded very Christian in this conversation.”

Daley was not the only victim of Green. He called Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh ‘gay-married’ . Dale revealed: “No, they’re married. Under the law in this country, they are married. You may not like it, but the law has changed, and people of the same sex are married. I have a marriage certificate saying I’m married to my partner. I don’t really care whether in your eyes you think I am or not.” Dale challenged: “You’re a bit obsessed with Tom Daley… you’ve done quite a bit [about him]. I don’t see why you would do that, other than wanting to gain notoriety.” As Green continued to rant, Dale chipped in: “I just can’t think why you’re so obsessed with Tom Daley. People will have their own theories I guess. How long have you been so obsessed with Tom Daley… is it something you can grow out of? Why is it you call yourself Christian Voice? To my mind, you should be done under the Trade Descriptions Act. If Christianity is anything, it is about spreading love.”


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