Tony Perkins: God is only testing me


A pastor who claimed that gays caused floods and recently had his own house damaged with a flood claimed that in his case the flood was not punishment but a proof of God’s love to him. He claimed: “As a follower of Jesus Christ, I believe the Bible which makes clear that God is sovereign over the elements of nature and can and does use them for His purposes. He also allows those same elements to be used as a means of testing our faith and devotion to Him. Is this a test of our faith or a chastisement from God? I don’t have that answer. Regardless of what’s behind natural disasters, our response should be the same – we are to be on our faces before God, giving thanks in everything, and placing ourselves in total dependence on Him.” He repeated again his words about the connection of natural disasters and homosexuality and he is not going to take them back. But we still think that Perkins opposites himself – why should God send floods on ones to punish and on others to show his love?


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