Police admit explosion of LGBT mailbox to be a hate crime


Police in Salem, Massachusetts has no doubt that detonating of the Rainbow Times mailbox had a homophobic background. Seven suspects are seen on the CCTV video calmly walking up, placing explosives in the box and detonating it. The police chief claimed: “There are clearly other newspaper stands around it and they’re not being touched, so this is a particular, targeted hate crime.”

The newspaper publisher (by the way, it is one of the biggest pro-LGBT papers in the area) commented: “When I saw the video, there are no words to express how I felt… It was a combination of sadness, anger. ”

A new box will be placed at the site of the explosion, and the paper said its work “will not be censored”. The explosion has already been condemned by Mayor Kim Driscoll, who said it was a “cowardly act” Fear and hate may cloud the hearts of those committing this act, but it will never, ever characterize this community,” Driscoll said on Facebook.


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