Police witnessed a homophobic attack but refused to arrest the thug

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 10: A police car is parked at a crime scene where three people were shot on June 10, 2015 in the Gowanus area of the Brooklyn Borough of New York City. In an effort to combat the rise in murders and shootings, hundreds of additional New York City Police Officers will begin walking city streets as part of an aggressive NYPD initiative called "Summer All Out." About 330 officers will be taken off of administrative duty to patrol the streets in some of the city's most violent neighborhoods. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Omar Villalobos said he was terrified after a homeless man began shouting homophobic abuse at him in the street, before punching him in the face. The situation went from bad to worse after the police officers who witnessed the attack decided to completely ignore it.

“I was holding one side of my face, blood pouring down my hand and onto my white shirt,” he told the New York Post. There were six [police officers], all lined up on 42nd Street. Not one of them did anything about it,” he revealed. “They said they were there for terrorist attacks, not homeless people.” Villalobos says bystanders who witnessed the attack also begged for them to do something, but they still refused – even thought the perpetrator was only metres away. “Two bystanders even came over to try and get [the officers] to help, and one of the cops goes, ‘All they’re going to do is put him in the mental clinic and then he’ll be back on the street in no time.’” He said the man had been looking at him “hatefully” before the attack took place, be he had “very much dismissed it”.
“But then out of nowhere, we just heard mumbling and then the word faggot. As I go to respond, he punches me right on my forehead, splitting me open right above my right eyebrow.” NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force say the will investigate Saturday’s incident – but according to the Post, there will be no investigation into the officers’ behaviour.


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