The University of Vermont forbids its athletes to go to North Carolina because of HB2


The women’s basketball team of the University of Vermont will not play the game in North Carolina due to the state’s anti-LGBT law, the athletic director at UVM Jeff Schulman says, adding that this is the reason for a game North Carolina vs Vermont to be cancelled.

In his open statement he criticised the anti-trans law saying: “The decision to cancel to our Dec. 28 women’s basketball game at North Carolina was made as a result of concerns over the HB2 law, which prevents transgender people from using government-run bathrooms based on their gender identity. We strive very hard to create an inclusive climate for our students and staff in which they all can feel safe, respected, and valued. It would be hard to fulfill these obligations while competing in a state with this law, which is contrary to our values as an athletic department and university.” He went on to say that he had floated the idea of the match taking place at a neutral setting or in Burlington, but that UNC had “nixed” the proposal.


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