Mother excuses abusing her child with a religious freedom law


The mother from Indiana quoted a scandalous law including anti-LGBT points being asked about the reason of abusing her son. Kin Park Thaing born in Burma explains that there are words in Bible saying that the parent who avoids punishing his child spoils him (well people who have read the Bible know that there are such words, but the mother took them away from the context. These words mean that a parent should not ignore his child behaving unproperly and teach him what is wrong and what is right even though it is not always pleasant. But it does not urge to physical abuse). So, her faith dictates her to beat her son.

“I was worried for my son’s salvation with God after he dies,” Thaing told the court according to the Indianapolis Star. “I decided to punish my son to prevent him from hurting my daughter and to help him learn how to behave as God would want him to.” Thaing said she caught her son doing something that could have endangered his younger sister. She beat both children with a plastic hanger and told them to pray Jesus for forgiveness.

Whether or not the court accepts Thaing’s religious defense, she could still get away on the charge. A previous ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court allows parents to use items like cords, belts, and possibly coat hangers to punish their children.


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