Parenting is available for everyone


Being a parent is our innate instinct, nature gave us this desire for own “reincarnation”. Despite all obstacles on the way to the status of parent, people always try to find some ways out and to make their dream to come true.

In XXI century there are a lot of obstacles which prevent couples or individuals from being parents. Majority of couples suffer from the problems with reproductive system of both genders mainly due to the way of life we have now.

Also today there are a lot of same-sex couples which are willing to have children. Due to fast development of reproductive medicine it is not a problem anymore for gay couples or individuals to become parents. With the help of ART and due to constant positive changes in law policy of different countries we have big chances to make happy parent of each representative of LGBT community.

General methods are surrogacy motherhood and adoption and each of these methods have some variations what give ability to choose the most suitable variant.

Due to information of Panax Center (Leading European Center for Gay Couples) majority of couples and singles prefer to use services of surrogacy motherhood mainly because of biological connection with a child and ability to monitor the process of baby carrying. Panax Center offers profitable programs of surrogacy motherhood for same-sex couples and individuals, gives free consultations about adoption and all variations of these methods of parenthood.

Today parenthood is very close for everyone and it is not worth to afraid, it is needed just to make one step toward your dream.


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