Showtime series Queer As Folk. Is there a chance for reunion?


Robert Gant, known as Bruckner from the popular series, thinks that the chances to reunite exist and they are rather big. “The family dynamic that was created there has really endured,” he said. “We’ve had these conversations, and I know that everyone would be on board for some sort of a revival or another season or whatever. … So hopefully that has a future,” he said, adding that the rest of the cast probably would not mind to reunite and to show what has happened to the characters 11 years after.

“We’d love to do it. It’s not our choice, you know what I mean?” Peter Paige, who played Emmett Honeycutt, said during a panel discussion last year. “We all love each other and, with a little bit of time, the challenges of that period have receded and we’re all able to really appreciate what it is. There might be a window to shoot a movie or something. We’ll see.”

The show, which ended in 2005, was groundbreaking during the time for its portrayals of gay sex while other networks wouldn’t even show gay men kissing. Some activists complained the show portrayed gay men as sexually promiscuous, while others applauded the show for being more realistic than, say, a television movie produced by the Hallmark channel like Gant’s latest film.


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