These HIV+ guys prove that illness is not a sentence


Gay men’s health charity GMFA has launched a new video campaign focused on life of people with HIV. These are 11 HIV-positive men who live the fullest life and don’t let their diagnosis influence on them. They are physically active, successful in career and happy in love.

One of them said: “I’ve been positive for 15 months now (undetectable for 11). I have friends who worked in sexual health so knew the basics about HIV and treatment etc, but still found help and comfort in videos and campaigns. I wanted to help give back and let others know it’s ok and you can keep going despite your status.
“This is also my way of ‘coming out’ of the HIV closet, I have friends who know about my status and I don’t keep it secret but I still feel nervous whenever I tell someone new. This way I won’t need to tell any more friends, they’ll just know and get an initial positive (excuse the pun) view on it.”

Another one added: “The diagnosis and everything that was going around that time was far, far from plain sailing but through it all I developed an outlook on life that I’m now working towards sharing with the world. Stigma only exists if it is exists inside of yourself. Those who understand the subject will stand with you. Those who don’t won’t. The only thing separating the two is a difference in education.”


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