Out Paralympians digest: Aysa Miller


We have already mentioned this woman in our digest – she is a wife of Jen Armbruster. A wife, a teammate, a person with the same disability, everything for them is common., including taking part in Paralympics 2016.

Miller started her career in goalball while studying at the Western Michigan University (it was the only higher education institution where people with eyesight disabilities could study), where was a huge goalball community.

“It’s fairly unique and a very awesome experience to be able to represent your country and stand on the top of a podium and hear the national anthem,” said Miller. “Not a lot of people get to do that, just like not a lot of athletes get to do that. Only the best of the best get that experience, and that’s one of the things that makes you want to strive for and do again.”

Aysa loves being Paralympian – 2004, 2008, 2012, all these years are signed for her with Paralympic medals. And we hope that 2016 won’t become an exception. Good luck, Aysa.


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