Church of England’s bishops urge to welcome LGBT

Image © Licensed to Chris Ratcliffe / Sunday Times. 19/12/2015. London, United Kingdom. Unseasonal temperatures sees Kew Gardens busy with people enjoying the high December temperatures. Pictured: Picture by Chris Ratcliffe

Over 130 (one of three) members of the governing body of the Church of England have appealed to bishops to recognise and welcome LGBT Christians. In an open letter sent to bishops before their meeting to discuss sexuality later this month, synod members call for “greater clarity and consistency” in the church’s approach to the LGBT community.

Jayne Ozanne – a gay synod member from who helped organise the letter – said the response had been overwhelming. “It definitely seems that the tide is now finally turning,” she said. “From conversations I have had it would appear that many synod members were deeply challenged and moved by the [internal] discussions in July,” she added. “It seems that there is a growing consensus for the church to take active steps towards ensuring it is welcoming and inclusive of all.”


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