A children’s book to teach acceptance was published in 1994


One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dad’ is now out of print, but it is still possible to buy it on Amazon second hand. The book explained in a very simple way that there are different kinds of families, there are different parents and it is completely normal.

The book tackles race and sexual orientation of people’s parents, cleverly using the word ‘blue’ in place of the word ‘two’:
-Blue dads?
Blue dads?!
I don’t know who
Has dads that are blue!
-I do,
My name is Lou,
I have two dads
Who both are blue.
-W’hat is it like to have blue dads?’ I said.
“Do they talk? Do they sing?”
-‘Of course, blue dads work,
And they play and they laugh.
They do all of those things’, said Lou.
“Did you think that they simply
would stop being dads,
just because they are blue?”


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