Gay couple came out through the video and now they are getting death threatens


TV presenter and journalist Jakub Hajduk from Poland spent his holidays at the seaside with his partner and decided to film a video about it. But the reaction of the audience was, mildly speaking, not so warm.

Homophobes found them on Facebook and started threatening to come for them and cut their throats or burn like witches. But the video creators say that the video itself did not cause any negative reaction until it was highlighted in the media.

PinkNews reports that couple did consider deleting the video after the hateful comments were posted, but they felt the move would be a step backwards: “We just weren’t ready for all of it. But finally we came to the conclusion that if we took it down we would have let them win so we decided not to give up and spread our story all around. It’s not easy, but this situation showed us that is not just a funny video. It showed us how much needs to be done in our country to let gay people in Poland feel really safe and proud of being gay in our country”.


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