Marieke Vervoort wins silver and wants to live


The out Belgian Paralympic athlete who claimed that Rio Paralympics are her last, asks people not to consider these words as a suicidal plan. The sportsman who won a medal this Saturday wants to live. Yes, she has signed euthanasia papers, but she is not going to die right now. “When I didn’t have those papers, I would have committed suicide. I hope other countries like Brazil can talk about it. It makes people live longer,” she said. “It doesn’t mean that when people sign the papers, they have to die two weeks later. I signed my papers in 2008. Look now, 2016 and I won the silver medal.”

She still has a lot of plans – to skydive, fly a jet and open a gallery, but her disease is progressing. “Every year, it is worse. Every time, I give things away. What’s the next thing coming? I am really scared. Assisted death is something like they operate on you, you go to sleep and never wake,” she added during her moving speech. It feels like it will be peaceful. I don’t want to suffer when I die.” But her credo “Believe you can. Yes, you can” makes us believe that Marieke’s life will be long!


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