Nyle DiMarco is happy to be deaf because he does not have to listen to Trump


The fluid model and TV star also could not remain indifferent to the election in the USA and he has his own opinion about each candidate. And this ear, when politics is everywhere, Nyle considers his deafness to be an advantage. He said: “I don’t find not being able to hear an obstacle or a boundary. For me and for many of us, it is an advantage and it’s a part of my identity in fact. It’s a huge part of who I am. In this very turbulent political year, trust me, don’t you want to sometimes just turn the volume off completely when Donald Trump starts to rant?”

DiMarco added that it is great to be different, it makes our world less boring and more colorful. That is why all the people should accept some unique features like sexuality or disability (though the word ‘disability’ is also not correct, it is just a special feature, a difference), show them openly and realise that being different makes us special. Labels should not put people back because only being ourselves we are able to change the world.


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