25-year-old man collects Disney princess dolls and he is happy about it

Nick with some of his dolls (Collect/PA Real Life)

All the adults used to be kids….. And some adults are still kids, it is great! Nick loved Disney since the earliest childhood. When he watched Beauty and the Best he became totally obsessed with Belle, because she differed from the rest of princesses, combining classical and modern features.

“She was a heroine and she looked different to the rest of the Disney princesses,” he explained.
“She was not the typical blonde and I think she was the smart one.” We agree, Belle was not a typical blonde at least because she was chataine 😉

At the age of 12, Nick began to collect Disney pins, little badges that can be attached to clothes, bags or for trading or display. In 2009 he bought his first princess doll. Guess who? Belle, of course!

“I saw how detailed and gorgeous it was and started looking into the other ones,” he said. “Now I have about 50 of the limited edition dolls, including 12 Belles. They are worth more than I have spent now I’m sure, but I can’t sell them, I’m too attached. It’s not great for my bank balance but it’s worth it.”

For his 24th birthday, Nick fulfilled his childhood dream of visiting Disneyland Paris, and though he didn’t get the chance to meet his favourite princesses, he caught a glimpse of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
“It was still an amazing experience,” he said. “When they say it’s the most magical place on earth, it really is.”

Nick said he gets a lot of people asking why he buys dolls but has also inspired others to begin collecting. There are a lot of Disney fans around the world on Facebook groups and Instagram which shed light that a lot of guys can collect dolls too, anyone can,” he said.“A lot of friends who are into Disney have been inspired by my collections and now have their own. I have even seen a lot of couples that collect together. It’s always been a solo venture for me though.”


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