The gay brother of anti-gay MP confronted his sister on TV


The Australian MP who opposes equality was confronted during the television debates by her ow sibling who is gay. National senator Bridget McKenzie, a member of the PM’s coalition previously claimed that she would vote against equal marriage in Australia. She said: “I vote with my conscience on every issue and my conscience on this matter is that I would vote against same-sex marriage.”

She probably has forgotten that one of her family members is also gay. The MP’s brother Alastair has sent her a massage saying “Given the majority of parliamentarians and Australians now support marriage equality, is a $160 million plebiscite necessary, and what impact do you think the debate will have on the emotional wellbeing of gays and lesbians like me?”

The politician answered: : “I think it will only be damaging if all of us as Australians choose to actually not respect each other’s views in this particular debate. We took a plebiscite too the people. I have a conscience view on this issue, that the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. Polls would suggest I am in a minority… I think there is tension for MPs like myself on both sides of the aisle between our desire to respect the will of the Australian people and our conscience as a representative democracy.” She did not even mention that the man was her brother.


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