The LA Police chief letter from 1975 shows how much we actually have now


Now it is a norm to invite the city officials to the Gay Pride events, even the leaders of countries accept such invitations with pleasure (we all remember Canadian PM Justin Trudeau who attended Pride events in all big cities of his country). But it has not always been this way/ 40 years ago asking a police chief to attend such kind of event could lead to humiliations, the police chief claimed that there was nothing to celebrate until there was no way to turn gays into heterosexuals/ The letter said: “As you no doubt expected, I am declining your invitation to participate in the celebration of “GAY PRIDE WEEK.” while I support your organization’s constitutional right to express your feelings on the subject of homosexuality, I am obviously not in sympathy with your views on the subject. I would much rather celebrate “GAY CONVERSION WEEK” which I will gladly sponsor when the medical practitioners in this country find a way to convert gays to heterosexuals.” . And there is nothing to add except thanking God (fate, universe or whatever) for being born later. Not everything is as good as we want to, but at least the majority of people understands that we are who we are and there is no need to change us.


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