Caitlyn Jenner has claimed Ted Cruz became flustered meeting her


The reality star spoke out about meeting the Republican anti-LGBT senator last week. Jenner was in the US Capital to lobby Republican members of Congress on behalf of the Unity Fund, an LGBT organisation funded by GOP donors.

Trans celebrity claims that when she accidentally met Ted Cruz, he was so confused that he could not find the words to say. She described the encounter as brief, asking for a few minutes of his time before he was rushed away by staffers who said he was too busy.

Ted Cruz’s helper answered in the interview to the LGBTQ Nation that the only reason he refused to speak to Jenner was being in a hurry: “This account of events is not true. Senator Cruz and Caitlyn Jenner had a brief, but cordial conversation after running into each other in the hallway. There was no request for a meeting, and the Senator proceeded to his next appointment.”


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