Australians ask for nuggets and love


To tell exactly, Australians consider free nuggets as good as a marriage plebiscite. One dissatisfied Aussie, Jimmy Raynes, has done some number-crunching and determined the best course to proceed. He worked out that the projected $200 million would buy 311,284,046 chicken nuggets at McDonald’s: enough to give 12.86 to each of the 24,194,905 people living in Australia. Sadly Jimmy’s plan did not factor in a vegetarian option, but when he shared it on Reddit some proposed a potential trade-off for chips. One user wrote: “Somewhere out there a gay vegan is reading your proposal and is feeling very conflicted.” Another user proposed an alternate plan: “They could just give 10 million dollars to me and I’ll make the decision for them. That’s a pretty huge saving to be honest. If anyone has a problem with same sex marriage they can send me an email to a special address with an automated response that i’ll never check.” Speaking to Buzzfeed, Mr Raynes said: ““It makes me terribly angry to think that so many people could be hurt by a divisive and unnecessary plebiscite campaign. I just wanted people to reflect on the absolute absurdity of subjecting love and human rights to a public vote.”


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