Troye Sivan asks people not to spread his nude picture


After the picture appeared online, the Australian gay singer did not lose his positive mood and even joked about it. He shared the screenshot of conversation with his management shortly after the leak. Sivan wrote that he looked good on the pic and received a respond that there is something for him to be proud of. But stopping to laugh at himself, the singer wrote on Twitter ‘Oi jokes aside, this s*cks. Nothin I can do now but please don’t share anything you think I wouldn’t want the world to see’ . In a separate tweet, Sivan told a fan that he’s still ‘dealing’ with it. ‘:( hope ur ok!!!’ wrote the fan. The singer replied: ‘I’m kinda not!!!! But I’m dealin. What can you do.’ Well fans really can do nothing except showing him their understanding and support. Deeply respecting Troye Sivan, we won’t attach the picture. We hope that soon he’ll be ok. He can rely on fans who will always love him.


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