The new music video featuring drag artists is on air


The song, created by LA artist FIOR includes drag queens Nina Flowers and Sissy Spastik. The fierce video for ‘Backstabber’ features season one drag queen Flowers having a face down with Sissy Spastik in a video which is very glamorous.

“Personal conflicts and negativity have taken centre stage as entertainment,” Fior said.
“The audience is so quick to dehumanise those they don’t like. Online bullying. Virtual stoning. It’s feeding this emerging troll culture that’s infected the way people view art. In Backstabber, the queens kill each other, and the crowd just throws money on top of their dead bodies, cheering because they want to see it again! They forget about the queen’s humanity, the pain that caused them to lash out. They forget about the sacrifice.” The song is the first single on the album ‘The Gates of Paititi is available on most music streaming sites including Spotify and Tidal.


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