Transgender women were not allowed to enter Hong Kong airport


Two trans women were forbidden to enter the airport in Hong Kong. The immigration officers had doubts that they were just tourists, the women were told that the purpose of their vacation would not be satisfied. They also were forced to sign gender confirming documents. The officers asked them whether they were ‘cut already’.

A lawyer representing one of the woman, Jonathan Man Ho-Ching said he “could not rule out the possibility of prejudice and discrimination” and said “there was a lack of understanding of different sexes and genders.”

Joanne Leung Wing-yan, Chairwoman of the Transgender Resource Centre, argued that the pairs travel history gave “no reason to ask them to deny them access. I just hope there will be a different kind of treatment and understanding for transgender people” said Wing-yan. A spokesperson for the Immigration Department said the tourists were “suspicious” and “failed to satisfy that they were genuine travellers.”


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