Gay man in Malaysia received 12-year-imprisonment for murdering his lover


Tan Chee Yeow, 40, plead guilty of stabbing his boyfriend, 48-year-old Tan Chin Siong, to death at a walkway near a train station in Singapore on 4 September 2015. They were dating for 7 years and decided to move together to the neighboring country. But the victim refused to recognize the killer as his partner officially and wanted to stay in closet.

Things became worse a week before the murder – also the victim’s birthday – when the accused threw a tantrum at the victim for going back on his promise to introduce him as his partner to his family. The next day, the accused outed their relationship to the victim’s mother in Malaysia via a phone call – the latter was shocked and told the accused that ‘it was not possible for them (to be together)’. To make things worse, the victim started avoiding the accused’s calls and subsequently told the latter over the phone that he was ‘not gay’. He also told the accused that he wanted to ‘get married and have children’.

The final straw came when the victim accompanied the accused – who is known to have an alcohol addiction and have threatened to commit suicide a number of times – to see a doctor. Sensing little chance of a reconciliation, the accused stabbed the victim twice in the chest and once in the back. The accused, however, felt immediate remorse thereafter – he ended up wailing at the scene, before he was arrested. He also penned a letter in Chinese expressing his remorse and his desire for forgiveness from the victim’s family.
‘I really loved him. This is the regret of my life and eternal pain,’ he wrote.


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