Tim Kaine visited Orlando memorial


Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine could not hold tears attending Orlando massacre memorial. He said that there is still a lot of work to be done and he will do it. Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton visited the site of the in the wake of the shooting. Yesterday Mr Kaine, her candidate for Vice President, made a low-key visit to the memorial on his way to a debate-watching party with the Human Rights Campaign in Orlando.

Mr Kaine said: “The thing that’s painful about this… this is a weird thing to say but I always hoped that the Virginia Tech one would be the worst one ever. As bad as that was, I hoped that nothing would eclipse it, but such is life.” He vowed: “We’ve got work to do.” Senator Kaine has been a long-time advocate for LGBT+ equality. He was one of the original sponsors of the Equality Act, and in 2006 on becoming the Governor of Virginia he signed an executive order to protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation.


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