Gay man run 401 marathon to tackle LGBT bullying


Ben Smith ran the same distance as between London and Sydney aimed to sop LGBT discrimination. A 34 year old equality campaigner will finally head home next to finish his 401st marathon in 401 days. Smith has suffered from bullying at school himself and even tried to commit suicide twice. Hr wants to protect other LGBT school students from it. He started to run when his friend told him that it can improve physical and mental health. But then he used his hobby to send the massage of acceptance to the world.

“The work against bullying and saving people from suffering long term problems because of being bullied is important and I firmly believe we have made a positive impact on so many people’s lives,” he said, “People from all over the world will be joining #Marathon401 virtual challenge during the first week of October,” he explained, “A key objective of The 401 Challenge has been to involve as many people as possible and create opportunities for children, young people and adults to discuss the difficult topics of bullying and sexuality. I am proud of the amount of money we have raised so far [for LGBT charity foundations] am fully confident we will raise the £250,000 we set out to achieve at the beginning of the challenge.”


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