Tory MP’s speech was derailed with swear words


The mix-up happened this week at the Radio Academy’s Radio Festival at the British Library – where Tory digital policy minister Matt Hancock gave a speech. His speech followed Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, who hosted a special round of his ‘Innuendo Bingo’ segment on-stage. But unfortunately for Mr Hancock, someone neglected to reset the autocue inbetween the items, meaning he was left staring at the last phrase from Innuendo Bingo – ‘C**k Gobbler’. The MP quipped to the audience: “You’re obviously getting upset because it just says, in large letters, ‘cock gobbler’… I had to do a whole speech without being distracted!”

Telegraph media correspondent Patrick Foster explained: “Due to screen malfunction, Matt Hancock has just given an entire speech at the Radio Festival, staring into the words ‘c**k gobbler’. Matt Hancock had ‘c**k gobbler’ in front of him because previous speaker Scott Mills had been airing poultry-based innuendo.”


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