A gay man blames a police officer on setting dog on him

A man and a dog make the "defense test" during the First Championship of German Shepherd Dog Breeding organized by the Association of German Shepherd Dogs of Nicaragua in Managua on February 10, 2013. AFP PHOTO/Hector RETAMAL (Photo credit should read HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP/Getty Images)

The man recalls that the police handler attacked him using homophobic slurs. He says at first he thought the dog was a pit bull type but then he realised it was a police dog as the officer approached with a camera with a torch on it.

The man said: “The handler pulled the dog off and when he saw my friend he thought we were up to no good. He said ‘You dirty b*****d’. He set the dog onto me again. He didn’t do anything to stop. It was like he was taking pleasure in seeing me attacked. I’d say the attack lasted for about three minutes, which trust me, is a long time when you’re being bitten by a dog. I’ll never be able to go near a police dog again,”

The man’s brother said: “I’m furious about the entire situation. Being attacked by a police dog is one thing. But being called a dirty b*****d and having a dog set on you because you’re gay is another”. The spokesman from the police told The MEN: “The case has been referred to the IPCC and we are waiting on a decision. It is therefore, it is inappropriate to comment further at this time. In Any use of force involving a police dog is recorded by GMP and all incidents are automatically assessed by the Professional Standards Branch”.


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