Drag star parodied Katy Perry in the new election avertisement


The new election ad agitating to vote for democrats features a drag artist making a parody to the pop star and gay icon Katy Perry. Out gay politician Scott Wiener currently serves on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in the seat once held by gay rights icon Harvey Milk, and is making a bid in November for a seat in the California Senate.

It was his idea to film the video featuring three drag Californians singing the super hit ‘Firework”. They sing: “Do you know who works hard for me and you? He’s small and smart and true. Scott Wiener’s the one who fights, our champion, working day and night, for what he knows is right. Scott’s the one who’ll do the work, he’s always shown us what he’s worth. Scott for Senate, oh oh oh, our voice in Sacramento-oh-oh.”

The campaign’s creator explained: “Hope you enjoy this fun video we made to highlight the work Scott Wiener is doing to create a more affordable and livable community. We want to thank the amazing queens – Carnie Asada, Au Jus, and Miz Palou – who starred in and helped communicate Scott’s message, with a beat you can dance to!”


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