The police of Haiti has banned the first LGBT film festival


The fest organizers agreed with the ban because they receive numerous death threatens via social networks. Festival organisers received death and arson threats via social media and telephone calls. The Massimadi festival was also pushed to be cancelled by senators, who said the festival would “promote homosexuality.”

The festival hosts were later congratulated for calling off the celebration and were urged to spend the money that was saved from not running the festival on school education. A new date has not been set for the festival as the police commissioner, Jean Danton Leger, ordered that it was called off on moral grounds. The Haitian LGBT group, Kouraj said they would be closing their offices for a week because of the security issues following the threats.

The festival’s purpose is to raise money to help the local LGBT community. Human rights organisations say physical and verbal attacks against members of the LGBT community often go unpunished. They also report that politicians frequently use homophobic rhetoric during election campaigns.


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