Lesbian nuns chose love over faith


Two nuns decided to leave the church because they fell in love with each other and wanted to create a family which would be against the church rules. So, the ladies have finally tied the kot in Italy where same-sex civil unions were recently recognized by law.

Federica and Isabel fell in love three years during a mission in South America. They belonged to the Franciscan order, which follows the disciplines of Saint Francis of Assisi.The church teaches homosexuality to be a sin, but the nuns say that God is for love in any form, He wants all people to love each other, to create families and to be happy.

The wedding took place in the northern town of Pinerolo on Wednesday after the pair were forced to adjust their plans to protect their privacy. They also received a religious blessing from ex-priest Franco Barbero, who left the church after he challenged its approach to the LGBT community He described Federica and Isabel’s story as “like all the love stories in the world”.


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