One more same-sex family was blessed with lovely triplets


A couple of months ago we reported about a same-sex family from South Africa who have triplets genetically related to both fathers. And now we are telling you the story of one more x3 happy gay family.

The surrogate mother was implanted with embryos with DNA from both dads. Neither of the parents expected to the outcome of triplets, let alone the bizarre phenomenon of the children having DNA from each dad.
The journey to parenting was very long – the happy dads had to wait 4 years to turn their dream into reality because gay parenting used to be against the law when they decided to make the family full. They’re genetically half-siblings. They’re going to look alike. I think it will be good for them. “We represent that gay couples have families, and families are not defined as just one thing or another. It comes in many different shapes and sizes too,” one of the happy daddies shares his thoughts with CBS Chicago.


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