The member of Israeli Knesset carries a child of her gay friend


Meira Ben Ari of the centrist Kulanu party congratulated Jewish people with New Year (by the way, if there are Jewish among GNE readers, we also want to wish them Happy New Year!) and announced her pregnancy. To avoid unnecessary gossips, she explained that the father of her child is her longtime friend who is gay.

The politician asked her friend to help her to conceive a baby because she is 40 and she is alone. She is afraid of loneliness and feels that time is passing by. She hopes to inspire other women to take the reigns when it comes to deciding to be mothers “I told the story also to give inspiration and courage to other women, to give them strength not to give up the right to have children, even if they do not have a spouse,” she said. She adds that she did not lose her hope to find her second half, but she does not consider to be necessary to wait for it when she has a lot of love in her heart to give to her child. And this is really amazing.


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