Offending prank from a homophobic Youtuber


YouTube star NoBiggie regularly releases prank videos on his channel, but his recent video brought him under fire. NoBiggie, real name Yerv, starts his video from dividing gay people into 2 groups. Now speaking from all the gays I’ve met there is two types of gay dudes. There is the one type of gay dude who’s like super cool, super chill, like someone you could actually be good friends with. And then the second type of gay dude who’s sassy, ego through the roof, always trying to hit on you and no matter how many times you tell these guys look man, I’m straight. They’ll always say some shit like oh but you don’t really know, you never tried it so how could you know if you never tried it? It seems like every gay dude I run into always seems to fall into the second category like, man, what the fuck?! where are all my chill gay people at man. Goddamn!”


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