The Isle of Man will officially vindicate gays


The law according to which people convicted in a ‘crime’ of homosexuality will be legally acquitted will be brought into action in 2017. Juan Watterson, the former Home Affairs Minister, announced that he is pushing for the provision to be included in the new Sexual Offences Bill.

Even though homosexuality was decriminalised in UK in 1967, the Isle of Man had to wait for it for 25 years more. The Manx Rainbow association has campaigned for gay men who were prosecuted before the law was changed to be altered. Lee Vorster, of the Manx Rainbow Association, said: “This is great news. We can’t move forwards without recognising and understanding our recent past. I can’t fathom what those in the LGBT community went through, just because of their sexuality. There was a large number of suicides after conviction.”


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