Women have nothing against sharing bathrooms with transgenders


The new survey finds that women mostly don’t oppose the idea of allowing transgender women to use female bathroom facilities. Polling this week from Pew Research Center shows that a majority of women support trans people being able to use the restroom according to their gender identity, with 55% in favor and 40% against.

On the flipside, men are apparently more concerned about “women’s safety” than actual women, supporting discrimination against trans people by a margin of 52% to 40%. It’s almost as if women can see when they’re being exploited as a political bargaining chip to attack a minority group. It is interesting that the younger the respondents are, the more loyal they are to transgender people. Despite the media focus on the bathroom issue, many of the GOP bills in state legislatures simply use it as a thin coating to disguise more broad anti-LGBT legislation. Many of the proposed laws advertised as ‘bathroom bills’ also pare back anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity, with some including opaque ‘freedom to discriminate’ clauses snuck through under the bathroom bigot banner.


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