James Arthur says that his homophobic comments were taken out of context

James Arthur attends the Q Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

James Arthur has not so good reputation in gay community after calling one of his colleagues a ‘fucking queer’. But Arthur denies that these words were meant to offend queer people. He already took his words back and now he repeats again that he sings about love and love is the only value he propagates, not offending other people.The artist also opened up about his battle with drugs, which he says was brought on by feelings of depression and anxiety. “There was no getting through to me I was just buried in self-loathing and doing all the wrong things,” he said. He also promised to collaborate with LGBT charity organization to show that he is actually not against LGBT people and he is ready to support them. It hasn’t gone further than words, but we believe that James Arthur will keep the promise to propagate love not only with his songs which are still amazing.


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