The bisexual governor of Oregon used to experience domestic abuse


During the debates with her Republican opponent this Friday Gov. Kate Brown, who is out bisexual, told the story of going through domestic violence. “I know what it feels like to be a victim of domestic violence,” Brown said. Her campaign confirmed that she experienced domestic violence, declining to provide additional details except clarifying that Ms Brown’s husband Dan Little is not the one who hurt her.

Republican candidate Dr. Bud Pierce suggested that only poor or uneducated women are vulnerable to abuse. “A woman that has a great education and training and a great job is not susceptible to this kind of abuse by men, women or anyone,” Pierce said to loud boos from the audience. “I’m honestly not even sure where to start. I grew up in a middle class family. I went to law school,” Brown replied. “This is not just about [having access to] power. This is about making sure women are not discriminated against because of their gender, because of their race, and because of their sexual orientation.”


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