Christian college promises to fire LGBT-supporting staff


An evangelical Christian college officials promise to sack everyone who supports homosexuality in general and same-sex marriage in part. . The college’s policy proclaims that “In marriage, we reflect the image of God in a unique way by joining together spiritually and physically. We were created in God’s image as male and female. Marriage is defined as a distinctive union between one man and one woman, as husband and wife, in which they covenant with one another to lifelong devotion. In addition, Christian marriage and family is not viewed as an end, but as a means of serving the kingdom of God in this world.”

The group also took to Facebook over distinguishing marriage in a civil meaning and marriage as Christians understand it. They claimed: “We’re disappointed that [the] headline and article wrongly stated that InterVarsity is firing employees for supporting gay marriage. That is not the case. In fact, InterVarsity doesn’t have a policy regarding employee views on civil marriage. We do continue to hold to an orthodox view of human sexuality and Christian marriage, as you can read in our Theology of Human Sexuality Document at the bottom of the article. That said, we believe Christlikeness, for our part, includes both embracing Scripture’s teachings on human sexuality—uncomfortable and difficult as they may be—as well as upholding the dignity of all people, because we are all made in God’s image. Some will argue this cannot be done. We believe that we must if we want to be faithful followers of Jesus. Within InterVarsity and elsewhere in the Church, there are LGBTQI people who agree with this theology, at great personal cost. We are learning together to follow Jesus.”


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