Cheyenne Jackson and his husband show the world their newborn babies


Cheyenne Jackson is officially a pappy.The 41-year-old American Horror Story star and his husband Jason Landau, just shared a few fotos on Instagram of their brand new baby twinsies, Willow and Ethan.“Best day of our lives. We will never recover. Welcome to the world our beautiful Willow and Ethan”. – Cheyenne wrote.

He later added: “I never knew how much I needed my daughter’s dimples.”Jason shared some of his own pictures as well.“Today my husband and I brought our son and daughter into this world,” he wrote. “Willow and Ethan just made us the happiest people and so thankful to now start our lives together as a family.”


  1. Thx for your digital Christmas postcard I just received. Let me wish all the best to all Strummerville family team.Hey Joe, did u see ? They really rocked the Kasbah in 2011 !!! 2012 , Armaggideon times ?


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