In Australia frustrate referendum on gay marriage


Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Terbull not intend to abandon plans to hold a referendum.
Australian Labor Party, the main opposition force in the country, was able to block the government’s plans to bring to referendum the issue of gay marriage, arguing that such a question should be decided by parliament, rather than the population. The Labour Party supports gay marriage, but their leader Bill Shorten said that the referendum will inevitably be preceded by a divisive public debate, which could damage the Australian gays and lesbians.

The Government has prepared a bill to hold a plebiscite on the issue of gay marriage in February next year, but for its adoption requires the support of the Labour Party in the Australian Senate.According to Bill Shorten, meeting Labour MPs had unanimously decided not to allow removal of the question of gay marriage in the popular vote. According to him, the parliament will be able to make the right decision on this issue and without public participation.

Nevertheless, Prime Minister Malcolm Terbull not intend to abandon plans to hold a referendum and hopes that a bill to hold it will be voted on in the Senate after will be approved in the House of Representatives, where the Conservative government has a majority.Australian Attorney-General George Brandis has accused the Labour Party in an attempt to score political points on this topic.Activists campaigning for gay rights, has raised concerns that the aggressive campaign will against gay marriage, previous plebiscite, can lead to failure, which would remove the issue from the agenda in Australia for decades.



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