The author of the novel “Eat, Pray, Love” gets divorced from husband because of change of sexual orientation


The 47-year-old writer has understood that she is in love with the best friend.At the beginning of June the author of the best-seller “Eat, Pray, Love” Elisabeth Gilbert announced a divorce with the husband José Núnez. It was he who became a prototype of the hero of the book Felipe. Then the writer didn’t specify the divorce reason, however two months later admitted that she is a lesbian. Gilbert consists in the love relations with the girlfriend Ry Elias, writes The Guardian.

Push to revealing, served Elias disease. The woman is suffering from liver cancer.- Death or the prospect of death – a great way to be cleansed from all unreal in your life. And in the real world, I was faced with the truth: I do not just like Ry, I love her. And I have no more time to deny it. – Gilbert wrote on Facebook. – The idea to sit with her in the hospital room, holding her hand and did not let her (and myself) to know about my true feelings, is simply unbearable.According to the writer, she does this recognition to have an opportunity not to hide them with Ray the relations and to show feelings on public. Gilbert has also confirmed that her nonconventional sexual orientation became the reason of a divorce.


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