Transgenders in the USA are faced with a shortage of medicines of estrogen


Transgender women in the USA have faced a new problem – shortage of injection medicines of estrogen. Deficit, which is felt since 2015, becomes more and more obvious, writes “The project of a legal assistance to transgender people” with reference to Transgenderuniverse.Com. The injection of estrogen is produced in the US by two companies – Par Pharmaceuticals and Perrigo Pharmaceuticals. Drugs prescription. The medicines are released according to recipes.Recently, both manufacturers have changed one of the ingredients in their formulations, thus require approval from Office of sanitary inspection by the Food and Medicine Administration (FDA).

The information on what ingredient demanded replacement, producers don’t provide. However according to them, supply of medicines will begin right after FDA approval. In turn representatives of FDA promised that they will try to do everything possible that medicines became available to patients as soon as possible.Nevertheless, in network there are already appeals to write open letters to the government to accelerate process and to make activities of producers of medicines more transparent.


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