Melania Trump sits down with CNN


Donald Trump repeatedly questioned the integrity of gay journalist Anderson Cooper, who moderated the event with Martha Raddatz (he is the first openly gay journalist to moderate a presidential debate).This was happened before the second presidential debate, held October 9.Trump’s accusations that Cooper was “very biased” now seem to conflict with his team’s decision to grant Cooper an exclusive interview with his wife, Melania, about the Access Hollywood tape where the businessman bragged about sexually assaulting women.Cooper’s interview with Melania Trump aired Monday evening, with the former model saying she was “surprised [by the tape] because that’s not the man that I know” and chalked it up to “boy talk.” Trump also claimed her husband was egged on by Access Hollywood host Billy Bush to say “dirty and bad stuff.”Was shocking as Melania Trump´s decision to sit down with Cooper in the first place. After Cooper was announced as one of the moderators of the second debate, Donald Trump told The Washington Post, “[Cooper will] be very biased, very biased. I don’t think he should be a moderator. I’ll participate, but I don’t think he should be a moderator.” In the same interview, Trump also made a cryptic reference to “how Anderson Cooper behaves.”

It´s interesting that Cooper has been widely commended for confronting Trump on the hot-mike tape. At the debate, Cooper asked Trump if he ever sexually assaulted women as he described in the leaked audio. Trump denied it. Days later, nearly a dozen women would accuse Trump of sexual assault, saying the candidate’s public denial prompted them to speak up publicly.


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