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In 2012 The FW said, “Meet Extrano, the Gay Superhero DC Comics Would Rather You Forget—Extraño fit every single stereotype of the poorly-written homosexual character. His flamboyant wardrobe, stereotypical lisp, obsession with his hair, outrageous jewelry and penchant for calling himself “Auntie” (“Listen to Auntie, sweetie!”) made him the default “gay uncle” of the New Guardians. Despite having vague, Dr. Strange-esque mystical powers, Extraño really didn’t do much besides offer advice and drop sexual double entendres.”
Later in a battle with a vampire-like villain called Hemogoblin—no really—he contracted HIV. A few years later he was killed off in an issue of Green Lantern and seemed to be a character that DC was happy to sweep under the rug.

Yet, last week in the first issue of Midnighter and Apollo—the openly gay superhero couple (they’re like if Superman and Batman were boyfriends)—he appears in a panel where the arch villain Henry Bendix is seeking a freelance agent to take out Midnighter.
DC has no formal statement about the character, but if the kick-ass panel (see below) is any indication and in the hands of superstar, openly bi, writer Steve Orlando, we’re excited to see what’s next.


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