Group of Dutch teens paint over gay rainbow crossing


A group of teens have painted over a rainbow crossing in the Dutch city of Leiden and give what appear to be a shirtless Hitler salute in a disturbing video.Some are masked, while some have their faces showing in the vandalism video.At around 3am on Monday, the young men brought brushes and red paint to the rainbow crossing. During the minute-long paint job, they rush to finish the job before cycling away.But that isn’t before a skinhead undresses, poses shirtless and gives a ‘Hitler salute’. However, he does do it with the wrong hand.Going shirtless wasn’t just an act of young stupidity: it may be a reference to Hitler’s obsession with athletic healthy young Aryan men representing the ideal of a ‘pure’ race.A Lazaru’s Rock Café employee, who filmed the act, believes the way they acted showed they were right-wing extremists.

The rainbow crossing was inaugurated in 2015 on Coming Out Day. It will be returned to its rainbow colors this week.It comes as Amsterdam, an hour’s drive north away from Leiden, is reeling from a rise in homophobic crime.Following the publishing and distribution of pamphlets across the city, calling for all religions to unite to attack gay people, two gay men were brutally attacked by a group of young thugs. One, in his 50s, was hospitalized.


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