Melania Trump defends her husband amusingly in front of Randy Rainbow


In a new interview with YouTube comedian Randy Rainbow, Melania Trump attempts to respond to the recent allegations against her husband but the conversation only got too awkward too fast.Randy starts off the interview going for the real issue here: ‘America is concerned AF.’‘Many Americans are concerned, they feel Donald Trump has neither the temperament nor the competence to be President of the United States,’ he says to Melania. ‘In your own words, what makes your husband qualified for the job?’And her reply? ‘Because… he did so many stuff in his life.’

The whole interview went downhill from that point, with more awkward pauses and responses, cleverly edited by Randy of course.
And wait till you hear what Melania has to say about her husband’s infamous ‘grab them by the p*ssy’ incident.


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