Gay man calls the Presidential hopeful ‘aunt Hillary’ and thanks her for helping him to come out


Hillary Clinton has recently received a heartwarming massage from her supporter and the son of the friends of her family. The man named Colin Ebeling addresses Mrs. Clinton as ‘aunt Hillary’ and says that he would never come out as gay without her.

Ebeling, who is now married to a man and brings up an adopted daughter, describes his ‘aunt’ as a very warm, kind, supportive and accepting lady. Despite her total business, Mrs Clinton never disappeared from Colin’s life and always congratulated him with the most important events of his life, including coming out and marriage.

“Hillary has included me and my husband in countless events over the years and always greets us with warmth and sincere affection,” he writes, “Several times, we’ve had the privilege to sit down with her and swap stories and, let me tell you, this woman can tell one hell of a story. Her dry wit rivals some of the best sit-com writers I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”

“When you cast your vote for Hillary, I just want you to know you’re backing not only the most qualified presidential candidate in history but a real person, a woman who values family, friendship and service to her fellow Americans above all else. You’ll be sending a message to my daughter that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.”


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