The story of immortal lesbian love


If they married immediately when they decided to, by now they would have celebrated their golden anniversary! But they had to wait so many years till same-sex marriages in the USA were officially recognized. But it was not the end. The couple is from North Carolina, the state which has banned same-sex marriages in 2012. And the couple does not think about any other wedding location except the place they call home.

One of the women used to work as attorney and she wasn’t going to leave her home or wait for the Federal decision to be made in Washington, D.C. where same sex marriage was already legal.She said: “Even if the Court strikes down Section 3 of DOMA, I believe that the state of domicile will still come in to play.”

Despite it taking years to legalise their marriage, the couple don’t regret staying in North Carolina. We couldn’t have picked a better place. Our neighbours over the years have been wonderful. The day we became legal in NC it’s amazing, we are so lucky.” We are in love and we tell each other that every day.”


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