Sir Elton John writes the memoires


It is reported that sir Elton signed a million pound deal on autobiography publishing. It was officially confirmed that the iconic star has already signed a contract with Pan Macmillan publishing house which offered sir Elton 6 million pounds for the right to publish his biographic book.

I’m not prone to being a nostalgic person. I’m often accused of only looking forward to my next gig or creative project”, the music legend recalls, “It’s come as quite a surprise how cathartic I am finding the process of writing my memoirs. As I look back, I realise what a crazy life I have had the extreme privilege of living. I have grown up in a period of extraordinary change in our world – and have had the joyful honour of rubbing shoulders and working with so many of the people at the heart of these changes,” the superstar explained according to PinkNews, “My life has been one helluva rollercoaster ride and it’s still lumbering on. I hope readers will enjoy the ride too.”


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